German Shepherd Puppies For Sale LeedsDeciding to buy a German Shepherd puppy for sale in Leeds is not a decision to make lightly

You need to be confident that your German puppy will be healthy, happy and able to adapt to your home.

Dogs 4 Us Leeds have along-standing and hard-earned reputation of only supplying happy, healthy and loving puppies to people in the Leeds area.

Every one of our German Shepherd puppies for sale in Leeds has been housed in comfortable kennels and sourced from trustworthy suppliers.

All of  our German Shepherd puppies for sale in Leeds come with a six month guarantee for your own peace of mind, and each German Shepherd puppy has been seen weekly by a vet and come with a micro-chip, already wormed and with a temporary vaccination.

Please call us now to see a German Shepherd Puppy at our kennels, find out about their availability or  ask our experts any questions about German Shepherds. .


German Shepherd Puppies Leeds

Our German Shepherd puppies for sale in Leeds will make a perfect pet for families or single owners as long as they are trained and treated properly.

We take the welfare of all our Leeds puppies for sale seriously so ask you whether a  German Shepherd puppy matches your needs and those of the dog.

On average, German Shepherd puppies grow about 56cm tall and will weigh about 38kg.

Grooming of German Shepherds is fairly low maintenance  if  they are short-coated – weekly brushing is fine but long-coated Shepherds need daily grooming.

When looking to buy one of our German Shepherd puppies for sale in Leeds, you must think about your living arrangements. German Shepherds are not  at all suitable for apartments but will adapt to a town house should they have access to a garden. It is important for the dog’s well-being to maintain  their fitness, so we recommend daily walking with time off their lead to run around.

If trained properly and treated properly, your German Shepherd puppy will make a perfect family pet. And reward you with plenty of love, loyalty and obedience.

Find more out about German Shepherd puppies for sale in Leeds by phoning us now.