Chinese Crested puppies are a confusing breed. Firstly, they come as two types: the hairless and the powderpuff. Secondly, the hairless does have some hair, or fur, to be exact- on its feet, tail and head.

Hairless or not, Chinese Crested puppies both grow on average from 9″ to 13″ (23 to 33cm) tall and weigh up to12 pounds (6kg).

The skin of hairless Chinese Crested puppies comes in a few colours: lilac, blue, gold or pink but can change shade in summer and winter.  Powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies come in many colours, and have full fur all over. This may make you suppose that one requires regular grooming, while the hairless requires regular relaxing by the owner. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Chinese Crested puppies need the same skin care as a child. They need to be cleansed and moisturised on a regular basis to prevent acne and blackheads, and they also need regular applications of sunscreen in the summer. So, hairless equals high maintenance.

Chinese Crested puppies make perfect companions and family pets as they are extremely gentle dogs. They are adaptable to most types of living, be that apartment or house, but do enjoy fairly regular exercise.

Being so gentle, Crestie puppies will shy away from any rough housing, so keep any boisterous children under control. They are, however, perfectly happy with other family pets if socialised from an early age.