Border Collies are highly intelligent, energetic dogs perfect for active owners.  They are the most common of the Collie breed, and are still used widely as working dogs.  Border Collie puppies grow on average from 18″ to 21″ (46 to 53cm) tall and will weigh between 30 and 49 pounds (14 to 22 kg).

You can get Border Collie puppies in a variety of colours: black and white being the most common but other colours include tricolour, brown and white, and red or blue merle.  They require daily or weekly grooming, depending on whether their coat is long or short-haired.

Border Collie puppies are best suited to country living, but can adapt to town life if able to access a secure garden.  They can be challenging as pets if not provided with plenty of mental and physical stimulation and they need to be engaged to ensure they don’t become destructive around the home.  Border Collie puppies can make a good pet for any active family, but are not always recommended for families with young children.

All Dogs4Us Border Collie puppies come with a six month guarantee and are temporary vaccinated, wormed and microchipped for identification.  Please call us prior to visiting should you be interested in buying a Border Collie puppy, so we can check availability.

To find out more about Dog4Us Border Collies and to check availability contact us at Dogs4Us.